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The adventures of Mirch and Masti take you on journeys that are wild, whacky and often embarrassing (mostly for Mirch)...


From kids to seniors... Come along with us and explore the world from a Indian point of view.

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    Bollywood Tweets

    These days, we're always wanting to know what our favorite celebs are up to. Though it's fun to read the gossip sites, like Perez Hilton or others... it's just as interesting to follow the words of our favorite celebrities as they go through their day.

    For those of you that are not on twitter yet, we'd like to ask a question? WHY NOT? Have you not yet caught on to the fun that can be found on there?

    Who are your favorites Bollywood Celebs and did you know they are probably on twitter? 

    Let's take a few of our fav's and hopefully you'll catch on and join in with the conversation:

    Amitabh Bachchan – http://twitter.com/SrBachchan

    Aamir Khan – http://twitter.com/Aamir_Khan

    Akshay Kumar – http://twitter.com/akshaykumar

    Abhishek Bachchan – http://twitter.com/juniorbachchan

    Anupam Kher – http://twitter.com/AnupamPkher

    Arjun Rampal – http://twitter.com/rampalarjun

    Boman Irani – http://twitter.com/bomanirani

    Bipasha Basu – http://twitter.com/bipsluvurself

    Bhagyashree – http://twitter.com/bhagyashree123

    Kareena Kapoor – http://twitter.com/clubkareena

    Karan Johar – http://twitter.com/kjohar25

    Lara Dutta – http://twitter.com/DuttaLara

    Lisa Ray – http://twitter.com/Lisaraniray

    Mallika Sherawat – http://twitter.com/MallikaLA

    Preity Zinta – http://twitter.com/realpreityzinta

    Priyanka Chopra – http://twitter.com/priyankachopra

    Riya Sen – http://twitter.com/riyasen24

    Rakhi Sawant – http://twitter.com/rakhisawant

    Sanjay Dutt http://twitter.com/duttsanjay

    Salman Khan – http://twitter.com/BeingSalmanKhan

    Sushmita Sen – http://twitter.com/thesushmitasen

    Shabana Azmi – http://twitter.com/AzmiShabana

    Shah Rukh Khan – http://twitter.com/iamsrk

    Vivek Oberoi – http://twitter.com/vivek_oberoi

    Vivek Agnihotri – http://twitter.com/vivekagnihotri


    Wow, did you know they were all on twitter? Well, this is not even a complete list. I am sure there are many many more.

    If you have more to add, make sure to let us know. But first, start following and also don't forget to follow us, so we can follow you back and listen to all you have to say.

    Spicydesi - http://twitter.com/spicydesi



    Break the ice with a movie.

    Seems now that Mirch has let his feelings out of the bag, it is a good time for him to cause a distraction. Well, what better way than chilling at the campfire before heading out to the movies.

    Let's hope Mirch is not the one screaming and yelping during the movie. That would surely mess up his tough guy image.


    This strip goes out to our friend Casie Stewart, who apparently loves the zombies. ;)

    Check out her blog http://www.casiestewart.com or catch her on twitter @casiestewart

    Coming to terms.



    Intervention - Part II 

    Most guys find it difficult to face their emotions. Perhaps, Mirch is in a similar situation?

    It seems that the conclusion of his discussion with Masti's cousin, Priya, will lead to acceptance of what is inevitable to happen.

    Guest Appearance: @PriyaMulji

    Check out her blog at: priyamulji.wordpress.com



    Amar's Bombay Billionaire - Spicy Desi Style.

    Well, they're at it again folks. It looks like they downloaded Amar's 'Bombay Billionaire' from iTunes and somehow just had to make a video, cuz they digging the track.

    Think of this as a Bollywood style dream sequence, meaning that Mirch finds out something at the end of it. 

    Once again we want to give a big thank you to Amar, she's bee a great supporter of Spicy Desi and ya, she's an amazing artist to boot.

    Check her out here: