To the world of Spicy Desi!


A Hot Desi Web Comic for the whole family! 


The adventures of Mirch and Masti take you on journeys that are wild, whacky and often embarrassing (mostly for Mirch)...


From kids to seniors... Come along with us and explore the world from a Indian point of view.

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    Sometimes the obvious, ain't really so.

    We all know there are basic differences between guys and girls. Sometimes it's hard for one side to really understand what's going on in the mind of the other.



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    Glee's back!! 

    Every now and then we enjoy watching something that brings back highschool. How we love season openers!!!

    Welcome Back Glee!



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    A Breakthrough weekend - Talent update.

    We have just now finalized the details for something we think you will all be be interested in.


    As we look to support your dreams, Spicy Desi will initiate a monthly giveaway that will be both unique and effective.


    Basically, we will look to feature selected profiles, based on member ratings. These profiles, one from each genre, will be compiled at the end of each month and then all the members will be given the opportunity to vote for the one that is their favorite.


    This selected Artist/Singer/Actor/Actress/Writer/Comedian... etc. will then have their very own iPhone application created and submitted on their behalf. This IPhone app will have their name and logo and will have the ability to showcase their hard work to millions of people.


    We are looking to have our 1st giveaway in the first week of June 2010. Just in time for summer. So, you have time to build profiles and spread the word. What are you waiting for?


    The only way to ensure your success in life, is to create it!


    Spicy Desi's Got Talent. Launched!

    Here it is, our Talent portal. Follow the link to where you can upload your photo's & Video's? We also have a forum section to engage with other like minded Desi's.


    Join up today and let us work together to spread the word.

    Talent should not be hidden, it should be unleashed.

    First off, we'd like to extend our deepest gratitude for all the support and feedback we've received on Spicy Desi and the antics of Mirch & Masti. This first year was such a trip and now we are set to add a new dimension to what we believe is a Spicy Desi. 

    If we were able to write a dictionary definition it would probably go someting like this:

    Spicy Desi - (Spahy-see Day-see)


    1) An Individual, full of life, and whose dreams are set to be unleashed.

    2) The type of person that does not focus on limitation, but rather the ways to surpass them.

    3) One, whose love for culture helps drive the very blood through their veins.

    4) A person that bends the social conventions to bring forth new answers.


    We are sure you have your own descriptions of what you may believe a Spicy Desi to be. However, do you not see a bit of you in one of the definitions above? We are all connected and no matter what word we choose to define or make popular, it is the true nature of being desi that beats within our hearts.

    What now? 

    It is time to show the world that there is a lot of talent held within our grasp. Each of you has a gift to share and we'd like to help give you the support to do so.

    Spicy Desi will continue to be a place for fun and the sharing of the antics of Mirch & Masti. However, we look to also be our portal to show the world that gifts that you've been given.

    Are you an aspiring, Model, Singer, Actor/Actress, Artist, Writer, etc? If so, then why not share your photos and videos with other like minded individuals? 

    Soon, we will open a specific channel that will allow you to create your profiles and upload your videos and photos. There are many ideas in the works and as we get more momentum, then we will look to have your talents shared with others in the media arts.

    Our press release is currently set to be sent out to Radio, TV, Newspaper & Magazine sources.

    Stay tuned and  let us hear your comments.