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The adventures of Mirch and Masti take you on journeys that are wild, whacky and often embarrassing (mostly for Mirch)...


From kids to seniors... Come along with us and explore the world from a Indian point of view.

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    Save the BBC Asian Network!

    A time to Stand together.

    Desi's have come a long way and it is a shame when we lose something that has come from hard work and dedication.

    We are hoping to plead to all of you to help raise a voice to keep The Asian Network on BBC. This is heard from all over the world, over the internet and we know we're not the only one hooked on it.


    Goto this link and take a sec to make a difference: 



    Mirch: What y'all waiting for?

    Masti: mmhmm, you know you love their shows! 

    Mirch: Plus, where else ya gonna get all your hits from?

    Masti: I hate to admit this, but I agree with Mirch this one time.

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    An ancient dilemma

    Guys, how many of you have been in a similar scenario? You go through life, not needing to feel or express love to someone... Everything seems normal and fun, but then when it happens, your world is turned upside down.

    Are these normal thoughts and emotions? Why is it that Mirch can't stop thinking of Masti? Why does she occupy his mind and her name not leave the tip of his tongue?


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    Springs brings beauty.

    Now that we've lived a few days of spring.... What comes to your mind? Have you put the dreary winter behind you and have your mind now filled with vibrant thoughts of what the warmer weather will bring?

    Well, it seems Masti has had some time to reflect, since her return from abroad. Time to break out the outfits girls and let the special man in your life know you mean business. 


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    Masti's Ride.

    No matter if we're a student or not. We all need to work and be proud of it. Masti was teasing Mirch, so he bet her she couldn't get a job... Seem's he lost and hmmm, she still looks hot, no matter what.


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    A Slice of Spice.

    After a fun weekend, we felt it was time to get another video together. We focus on the journey that Mirch & Masti have gone through so far.

    You'll notice images from previous comics and some you've not seen. Enjoy.

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