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The adventures of Mirch and Masti take you on journeys that are wild, whacky and often embarrassing (mostly for Mirch)...


From kids to seniors... Come along with us and explore the world from a Indian point of view.

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    Fashion week, Desi Style.

    Many of you are like 'What? Didn't Fashion week already pass?' Well, not in the land of Spicy Desi. I mean how could we even have thought about fashion week without the right guidance in what to wear? 

    Thanks to our friend @outfitmaker, we can now head forward with a sense of style and confidence. Seriously, with spring finally here, do we not all want to look our best? 

    Check out what all the hype is about at Outfit Maker's Blog: http://theoutfitmaker.blogspot.com/2010/03/mirch-and-masti-outfits.html



    We are also intrigued by her entrepreneurial mind. Mmhmm, you heard it, you can also buy the outfits to look like us. Yay!!!!

    Follow her on twitter and BookMark her blog. 

    Oh, we almost forgot.... Since we didn't get entries for the Tshirt giveaway, last month. We've decided to extend the offer @outfitmaker. We'll contact you later and get your details. 

    Eagerly awaiting the new trends, and will keep an eye on your blog for all the latest.


    Mirch: So, um, you saying I've got some sick style?

    Masti: Hmmm, you're aiight yaar, but you're no Jay Sean.

    Mirch: Actually, he wasn't featured on a fashion site like me... So, I'd say He's no Mirch. 

    Masti: Oh, Gawd.

    Mirch: I can live with you calling me that. *smiles*


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    Fun & Frolic in the land of Tweets.

    Well, today, as any other day, started off with some coffee and some local indian station on TV. After settling in, it was time to check twitter and see what the rest of the world was up to? 

    Tweets today focused on something we found rather interesting, something called 6 word story. Which is basically a fun little way to get some ideas out that contain only 6 words, duh. ;)

    Here are some of the 6 word stories we came up with:


    1. Mirch: 'What's love all about? Don't know."
    2. "I like my Desi, really Spicy." <- Corny, ya... we know. lol
    3. Mirch: "Do fries come with that shake?"
    4. Masti: "Are boys always a bit lame?"
    5. Mirch: "If it's spring, why's it flurrying?" #6wordstory (Masti: 'flurrying is not a word?" Mirch: Why not? Sounds like one. Masti: Oh boy.) - We had to put this whole tweet it, cuz we thought its fun.
    6. Mirch: 'Follow @spicydesi, cuz we said so." #6wordstory Masti: OMG, that's such a cheap plug. Mirch: I know, like this? RT us! :p - BTW, no one Retweeted that one, we knew they wouldn't, but who says you can't beg once in a while?

    We also replied to some question from celeb's, though we know they get way too many @mentions to actually reply us back. lol However, like a lottery, it's fun to try. For example we asked Karan Johar (@kjohar25) to try some, still waiting to get a reply.

    Then later on in the evening we saw a fun question from someone we are following, @unbrelievable. She has asked if her old TV looked sad as it was poised next to her new one. Fair enough question right? We thought so and made a lil comic about it. 


    Well, it seems she thought it was funny and subsequently placed it up on her blog. We'd like to say Thank you her and this just goes to show just how engaging and fun it is on twitter.



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    A warmer state of mind.


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    The Great Giveaway!

     We're running this Giveaway until the end of February. So Drop us your ideas and let's have some fun! Check back for more updates and don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!



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    She's back in town.

    Mmmhmm, you heard us, Masti's back and let's see how Mirch copes with his new found feelings for her.




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