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    Oh boy.. He's stuck now.

    Mirch seems to be a bit overwhelmed, after realizing that he has feelings for Masti. However, we all know Mirch to be resilient... At least we hope he doesn't go overboard. :)



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    Mirch - Realization

    Separation certainly does something to us.

    Masti has now been away for several weeks. (Only been seen with Mirch in typical Bollywood, dream sequence style, of course) during her absence, it seems Mirch is beginning to understand something. 

    Some of you may find this one a bit dark in brightness. Just know that at times we need to hit rock bottom, before we can re-surface again. Also, it's not bright at the bottom. ;)


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    Fan Strip - The Miday Masala

    In light of all things Filmy, Masti has been invited to meet Miss Editor from The Miday Masala. Obviously, she was so excited to make her way to visit the HQ of one of hottest brands in the in industry.

    Thanks Miday Masala for being a 'Spicy Desi."


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    Anokhi Vibe Awards - Anjulie

    Feb 5th, 2010. Mirch and Masti were able to attend the hottest event on the scene in the T Dot. After an extremely fun night we came to reflect on the event.

    Hmmm, next year VIP tickets seem quite intriguing. Somehow we were even able to get seats near the stage. (We're just as baffled on that one, a bit of luck I guess.) There were many memorable items of the night. However, we each had our favorite moment....

    For Mirch it was the chance to not only see Anjulie perform live, but to briefly meet her afterwards. We hope you enjoy this little clip and yes, ppl's heads are bobbing around, but we're not complaining.

    So, forgive the amateur video. Hopefully now Masti will let Mirch get a better vid camera? Ya, right.

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    New Features - Calling all Spicy Desi's to join.

    Hey there,

    Many of you had asked if there was a way to join Spicy Desi as a member...

    We took a look at this and found a way to do so, which would give you the greatest benefit. Using some cool tools from Google you will now be able to interact with us and other members of this site.

    Take a look to the left to see the new section called 'Spicy Desi's.' (Yup, that's all of you.) In this section you are able to join with your existing accounts (google, twitter, yahoo, etc) to connect with us. It makes things really simple for you and yay, you don't have to try to remember another password.

    Stay tuned to more ways which will enable you to share information and experiences with everyone else that's helping making Spicy Desi a fun little world to live in.


    Mirch and Masti.