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A Hot Desi Web Comic for the whole family! 


The adventures of Mirch and Masti take you on journeys that are wild, whacky and often embarrassing (mostly for Mirch)...


From kids to seniors... Come along with us and explore the world from a Indian point of view.

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    Fan Strip - Pirate Zerohart!

    Ok folks, we've finished our first Fan Strip for our twitter fan, Zerohart.

    Check it out in the 'Hot Stuff' Section above, then inside the Fan Strip area.


    More to come!


    Mirch & Masti

    New 'Hot Stuff' section.

    You will notice we have a new section above called: 'Hot Stuff'

    This is where you'll find we've moved our 'Wall Papers' section to; our 'Fan Strips' will soon be listed there as well. We have other features in the works to be placed there, so make sure to check back every now and then.


    Spicy Desi Fans! Our way of saying Thanks!

    Hi all,


    Some of you may have already heard from our Twitter and Facebook updates, that we're starting a fun contest to say thank you to all of you for supporting our little world here.

    Contest Details:

    Send us your Comments on ideas you'd like to have for your very own comic strip (1 episode). We will go through the ideas and then select a few of the most creative one's to make into personalized strips, which will be places in a 'Fan strip' Section up above. 

    If all goes well, we may look to have this as a monthly contest...

    Oh, btw, we have some cool prizes for some other contest ideas, but of course we're looking to hit a magic number on twitter and facebook followers.. So pass the word and you may just win something in the next little while. (Before you ask... Hell ya, they're gonna be cool prizes. Duh!) ;)


    So Far, we have our first 2 selections, from our Twitter Fans!


    1) http://www.twitter.com/MidayMasala

    2) http://www.twitter.com/zerohart


    ...Will you be next?




    Mirch & Masti.

    India's 60th Anniversary as a Republic.

    Mirch and Masti take a trip to the India Gate to celebrate a great milestone in our history. 




    New Wall Paper Section.

    Hi all, 

    We've been receiving many emails in regards to posting a couple of wallpapers online, for you to add your desktops. Look above and you'll notice there is new section, called 'Wall Papers.' 

    You are able to scroll through the galleries and download the images you wish to use on your PC/Mac. All you need to do is Right-click one of the images and select save to desktop.

    Hope you like them and remember to give us your comments. 

    Also, we'll add more wall papers as time goes on. Keep an eye out for more.