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    An ancient dilemma

    Guys, how many of you have been in a similar scenario? You go through life, not needing to feel or express love to someone... Everything seems normal and fun, but then when it happens, your world is turned upside down.

    Are these normal thoughts and emotions? Why is it that Mirch can't stop thinking of Masti? Why does she occupy his mind and her name not leave the tip of his tongue?


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    A warmer state of mind.


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    She's back in town.

    Mmmhmm, you heard us, Masti's back and let's see how Mirch copes with his new found feelings for her.




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    Mirch - Realization

    Separation certainly does something to us.

    Masti has now been away for several weeks. (Only been seen with Mirch in typical Bollywood, dream sequence style, of course) during her absence, it seems Mirch is beginning to understand something. 

    Some of you may find this one a bit dark in brightness. Just know that at times we need to hit rock bottom, before we can re-surface again. Also, it's not bright at the bottom. ;)


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