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    Spicy Desi Media Release - May, 8, 2010


    Media Release

    Mirch and Masti, Opposites do attract!
    The Spicy Desi couple make their way to weekly appearances

    Toronto ON (May 8, 2010) -– Mirch and Masti have traveled a bumpy road in its more than 3 years of existence, but comic creator Sunil Patel reports he is now updating the depiction of Mirch and Masti's story, weekly. 

    Spicy Desi is a full-color web comic that focuses around the lives of Mirch & Masti. Two friends, in their early 20s, enjoying the mixture of both East and Western influences. Their days are full of the similar questions that many of us face as we strive to balance these two worlds. 

    "I have found a medium to express my creative side, which was not even known to me until the birth of these two characters. It feels amazing to depict our “desi” culture in such a positive way, embracing our connections, influenced by media, society, music and fashion." Patel says when asked about his favorite aspect of creating Spicy Desi.

    South Asian's have come along way over the past several years and with the heavy influx of their talents within western marketplace.  “We get daily feedback, which is great, especially from those in Generation X and Y. South Asians continue to make their mark, especially with the recent successes of artists like Jay Sean, Kal Penn, and movies like Slum Dog Millionaire.” continues Patel. “With Mirch and Masti, we have created an interactive medium that has allowed for dynamic dialogue with young North American South Asians who are shaping our future.” Spicy Desi is proud to have the opportunity to have a connection with the future leaders within our community.

    International Recording Artist Amar quoted "I'm a Spicy Desi," which was a big win for us. It is the beginning of our branding efforts. Amar's response to the first music video, 'Masala,' we did for her was so well received that she's encouraged us to make a new one for her. We are currently creating a music video for "Bombay Billionaire" performed by Amar and Sonu Nigam. Though it's an unofficial video, we are so happy to be asked to do it.

    We are currently working on the deployment of an iPhone application and have partnered up with some other websites to not only provide highly entertaining content to our readers, but to create an interactive medium to continually connect with them in the future.

    Follow the adventures of Mirch and Masti weekly at Spicy Desi:  http://www.spicydesi.com

    Media Contact:
    Sunil Patel


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