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    Ashutosh Gowariker to find next star... online.

    A breakthrough is casting opportunities, and something which is perfectly aligned with what we are now looking to bring to mainstream.

    The Director of movies such as Lagaan is now searhing out a new face for his company's upcoming film, Bhudda (planned to air, next year)

    Mr. Gowariker is looking to get photos and video clips of actors, to be reviewed by him and thus helping him conduct a worldwide search for his next star. You may apply directly from his website at: http://www.agppl.com.

    You should also note that all types of artists and technician can now apply to his company this way.

    Great work Mr. Gowariker and its about time.

    News link: DNA India



    Let our gifts be shown to the world.

    We are still in the midst of seeing how best to make this new idea work. In the process of doing so, a new area has been launched here. 

    It will be updated with information pertaining to Auditions, Casting Calls and opportunities that we feel some of you would like to take advantage of, but perhaps never knew where to get started from.